GBOB Sweden 2020

GBOB is the worldwide competition for bands playing their own songs, live. Winners around the world will all play live at the World Final, which happens in a different city every year, the previous ones being in London, Berlin, Oslo, Chiang Mai (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). Win the national competitions and get to play live in the upcoming World Finals in Athens, Greece - before an international audience, and industry pros.

All audiences will be able to vote 3 bands they want to win. This is an all-age event.

Presenting the Line Up for GBOB Sweden 2020

1) Mother Mersy
2) Deserved
3) Aura (
4) Era Of Ephemeris
5) Gone By Sundown
6) Edwin Ziberg & Dr.Robert Fors
7) Jordskred
8) Lost Seconds
9) InCivility
10) Vandelay (
More to be announced soon!!

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Kl 16:00, lördag 2 maj



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Peking Progg
7 december kl 19:00
På Dynamo, Salongen

Barnteater: Sagan om Viktor 3-7 år
8 december kl 15:00
På Teater Bråddgatan 34

Lille Viggs äventyr på julafton
15 december kl 15:00
På Teater Bråddgatan 34

December Darkness
28 december kl 16:00
På Dynamo

Premiär: Hej IRIS
8 januari kl 11:00
På Teater Bråddgatan 34

Quilty - Out on the Ocean
7 mars kl 18:00
På Dynamo

GBOB Sweden 2020
2 maj kl 16:00
På Dynamo