About Hallarna

Hallarna (The Halls in English. Les Halles in French. Die Halles in German) is a creative area in Norrköping. Filled with stages, concert halls, and workspaces.Hundreds of creative workers are doing their thing here, which makes Hallarna a hub for culture and creativity in the East Sweden region.

This creative neigbourhood started in 1992, and has become an important hub for independent culture.

"Rough, urban and creative" is our motto. A place where the inhabitants force is given room, a place for visitors to write home about. We present culture for all ages, diversified, high, low, sharp and wide. We host hundreds of events each year; International rock stars, and local amateurs in the same building. A bit quriky, naturally, and a very generous attitude towards experiments and whims from creative projects.

Whats on the web site?
Here you can find info about upcoming events in Hallarna. Also information about how to arrange events, or rent your own place. Of course also info about the art in our yard, and some history about this old industrial-area too. You find our email addresses, and phone numbers too. However, all that is presented in swedish.


Best practice in the creative sector

All over Europe, the creative sector is searching for role models, regarding organization, management and output. Cultural has little money, it is often depending on grants and short projects. When the money runs out, the activity ends.

Hallarna wants to be an alternative that works, with long term stability and autonomy.  

As a non profit organization, with many legs to stand on, we have room for action. We have a balanced budget that is based on both municipality support, our own income and sponsorship.

We also want to be an example on how cultural business can make its own money. Our Business studios (a craft-business incubator for designer-makers) is a great example on cultural activities that lives on its own strengths, without grants.

A good cooperation with the local municipality and local business, is crucial. We have close communication with them, and keeps trimming our organization to keep updated with the trends in society. There is also an amenable property owner, interested politicians and officials that understand our area of work. In Norrköping, we have all those pieces of the puzzle. But the main responsibility is still ours.

And that is the most important parameter. Many creators work and create fantastic stuff. We offer cool, flexible rooms and a small, well functioning staff. These are our best tools to succeed.

On proof that we are successful, is the interest we attract – both from Sweden and abroad – from representatives that wants to know how we manage this with a small budget, a small staff, and such good result.

So we dare to be a little cocky. Hallarna can be an inspiration for others, to show how a creative cluster can be run – both in Sweden and internationally.

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